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Wynonna Earp

My wife and I have recently watched through the first season of Wynonna Earp on Netflix. I presume another studio made it - but that's kind of beside the point. And, like all normal RPG players, I immediately thought Deadlands, and immediately began thinking about building a module.

There are some basic steps that need to be built off of.

- Deadlands proper isn't really a thing. Fade the Reckoning into the background, assume The Agency and the Rangers succeeded at their goals. They managed to get the fear levels pretty low, so people aren't going about their business.

- Morph the two agencies (Agency and Ranger) into the Black Badges (as they began to unite).

- Fade Ghost Rock technology into the background. The Black Badges don't really care for demon powered technology - and they REALLY don't care for the weird scientists.

- Give the Harrowed a few more powers, and make sure to use some non-Western mythology to back up your magic.

Next - use the Ghost River Triangle as the setting for your campaign (or don't). I am going to detail that as the setting though.

Finally, set in the modern day. Since I am using the Savage Worlds Deadlands, it's a pretty good starting point, since modern day weaponry exists.

If I was going to run this game - I would probably use the PC builds as starting points, and hand Deadlands and Savage Worlds core to my players. I would then create a Born Under An Obnoxious Curse as a version of the Knack edge. I am going to assume this Edge looks like this:


Requirements: Wild Card, Novice

The cowpoke was born to the wrong family, at least as far as they can tell. They've gone and been cursed to perform some great deed or other, before they die. They probably wish that their parents did this already. This knack immediately gives the character the effects of a Major Vow, but it also gives them +2 to Guts rolls, and a +2 to resist anything done against them breaking their curse.

Example: Dale Austin decides to put a bullet into his family's hexslingin' nemesis Beauregard Fine. However, Beauregard has used magic to detect intruders, and decides to put the Fear into Dale to make sure that he does down. Dale makes the Guts roll at +4 (+2 because he is resisting Beauregard, +2 because he's been fighting a curse since birth).

For the most part - I am going to be using Savage Worlds original, rather than the Deluxe Edition - for the simple reason that I don't own the Deluxe Edition. Also, this is statted assuming you want your PCs to be starting characters going into this - which you might not want, feel free to raise their XP. Also - I know about the comic, and it's on my to-read list - but I need to wait for them to arrive at my comic shop.