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Doc Holliday, yes that one, made a deal with Constance Clootie - the Stone Witch - for immortality. After he was made immortal (after he survived O.K. Corral) he was kicked down a well for a few hundred years. He's not exactly the most powerful of hombres, but hes a skilled gunfighters, but his medical skills basically don't exist anymore. His primary trade is now Poker.

Hinderances: Greed, Clueless, Poverty

Edges: Veteran O' The Weird West (Jynxed), Card Sharp, Duelist, Hip Shooting, Quick Draw

Agility: d8

Fighting: d6

Shooting: d8

Ridin': d4

Smarts: d6

Gambling: d6

Investigation: d4

Notice: d4

Taunt: d6

Knowledge (Occult): d6

Spirit: d6

Guts: d6

Persuasion: d4

Strength: d6

Vigor: d6