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Dolls is a Deputy Marshall in the Black Badges, meaning he's a real live occultist - and probably the most experienced of the team (except, of course, for Doc Holliday). As a Black Badge, Dolls tends to come off as an asshole or a hardass, but really, is afraid of what Black Badge will do if anyone ever finds out that Wynonna is around, since he doesn't want her to be taken away, since the Black Badges don't want a third party around. But the Harrowed she's fighting are empowered by her curse.

Hinderances: Major Enemy (Agent Lucado), Vow (Black Badge), Stubborn

Edges: Veteran o' The Wierd West (Cursed, Addicted), Agent, Quickdraw, Command, Martial Arts

Agility: d6

Fighting: d6

Shooting: d6

Stealth: d6

Smarts: d8

Investigation: d6

Knowledge (Occult): d6

Knowledge (Law): d6

Spirit: d6

Guts: d8

Intimidation: d6

Strength: d6

Vigor: d6