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Bobo Del Ray is the most powerful of the revenants that Wynonna has to kill. He also has deals with Constance Clootie to back up his other larger deals and plans. He is one of the only revenants to have ties and connections outside the Ghost River Triangle. Beyond that, he's also a Veteran of the Wierd West, having been at this a long term, and a smalltime hexslinger. He's not very physically imposing, but almost always has a reason to convince you not to shoot him. Or backup.

Hinderences: Vengeful, Mean, Wanted

Edges: Arcane Background (Huckster), Rich, Connections, Spook, Stitchin'

Powers: Telekinesis, Defletion, Conceal Arcana Power Points: 10

Agility: d6

Fighting: d6

Lockpicking: d4

Shooting: d6

Stealth: d4

Smarts: d8

Gambling: d6

Streetwise: d8

Spellcasting: d8

Spirit: d8

Guts: d6

Intimidation: d6

Persuasion: d8

Taunt: d6

Strength: d6

Vigor: d6