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Constance is probably the most powerful supernatural power in the Ghost River Triangle. Only Bobo Del Ray and his mortal connections can match her. Well over 200 years of experience, and enough mojo to make someone immortal, makes her hard to ignore. Her main problme is that the things she needs for her schemes and plans are rarely easy to get, and her plans are rarely short term. She is a Veteran, because she's been around a while.

Hinderences: Mean, Vengeful, Arrogant

Edges: Arcane Background (Huckster), Power Points, Charismatic, Soul Drain, Wizard, New Power

Powers: Telekinesis, Zombie, Teleport, Protection

Power Points: 20

Agility: d6

Shooting: d4

Stealth: d6

Smarts: d10

Notice: d6

Streetwise: d6

Spellcasting: d10

Knowledge (Occult): d8

Spirit: d8

Guts: d8

Intimidation: d4

Persuasion: d4

Taunt: d6

Strength: d4

Vigor: d6