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Waverly is the youngest of the Earp sisters, and arguably the best choice for actually getting involved with an ancient curse. She can't shoot as well as Wynonna, and might not be as personally familiar with the Occult as Dols - but she's got a degree in Ancient Lanuages, and a folder full of all the strange and surprising things that might be out there. She is the team's information source typicaly.

Hinderences: Lyin' Eyes, Loyal, Heroic

Edges: Investigator, Alertness

Agility: d6

Lockpicking: d4

Stealth: d4

Fightin': d4

Smarts: d8

Investigation: d8

Notice: d6

Streetwise: d8

Knowledge (Occult): d8

Spirit: d6

Guts: d4

Persuasion: d4

Taunt: d4

Strength: d4

Vigor: d6