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Wynonna Earp

Wynonna Earp has been through more than a few scrapes in her time, and has gone through several different roles in her time. It is confirmed she has been arrested, she has been in a mental institution for insisting there are demons (the Black Badges might even still be trying to hush up the Reckoning), and she seems to have been involved in several organized crimes syndicates.

When she was very young, her sister Willa was taken by Revenants killed by Wyatt Earp originally, and she was committed for claiming that there were demons. She then disappeared for many years, eventually coming home only when she had no where else to go.

Wynonna isn't really the best shot in the West. Or the fastest draw. Or the toughest fighter. But what she is, is cursed and tenacious. Probably more than she needs to be. She likes guns and motorcycles, and pissin' people off. Very few people in the city really want her around, so, even though it's her childhood home, she's treated as an outsider.

Hinderances: Outsider (Town Pariah), Stubborn, Overconfident

Edges: Knack (Born Under An Obnoxious Curse), Fate's Favoured, Quick

Agility: d8

Drivin': d6

Fightin': d4

Lockpickin': d6

Shootin': d8

Stealth: d4

Smarts: d4

Gamblin': d4

Streetwise: d4

Taunt: d4

Spirit: d6

Guts: d6

Intimidation: d4

Strength: d6

Vigor: d6


The Earp House - sometimes known as a murder house

Peacemaker - a proper Colt Peacemaker - from the Old West. Peacemaker immediately does 2d6 damage to any Harrowed that hold it. It also does an additional 2d6 to any Harrowed, and, if a Harrowed is killed by a bullet from Peacemaker - they are sent back to hell, never to rise again.