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The Yuan-Ti

The children of Stygia are ancient peoples created by the demon Set at the behest of the Deity Sseth before creation was truly settled.

Since the death of their deity, and their servitude to a demon prince, the ophidian peoples have been attempting to rebuild their powers, and resurrect their god. As such, the snake cults have been working to restore themselves to a real power, with a real part of reality to call their own.

In order to restore their former glory, the Snake Cults have been using all methods at their disposal. Mostly indoctrinating the impressionable, kidnapping those they can't recruit, and performing blood magic with those they find useless.

The Yuan-Ti don't tend to perform Death Arts, worship the living gods, or bind the nameless spirits. However, when they are not using the magic of the ancient god, they are scavenging spells from the corpses of their past, and conjuring demons to serve them. Their whole society is bent toward the recovery of their former glory, building grander and larger temple, recovering the artifacts of their own past glory, and trying to recover their own society.

Most join the Snake Cults from the fringes of society, looking for enlightenment. The majority of the cultist are killed, used, or made into Brood Guards. But the rare cultist gets brought into the fold, especially those with The Gift or some other special spark. And so, the cult grows.

Yuan-Ti Setting

** Yep, it's an Elven Spell Song, the Yuan-Ti may learn it, they do require two points to open it, and it is open ended for them. They taught it to the Elves, do not believe elven lies about the dwarves..

Snake Cult Subsetting

Relic Hunter

Yuan-Ti Traits

The Yuan-Ti are born not made, but depending what traits someone has, it will define their station in life. Assume the Yuan-Ti was born with their traits, rather than having them grafted on.

If the character's backstory is that they had a Yuan-Ti priest give them the Snake Eyes trait via a Minor Miracle, they cannot take any other Snake Traits.

Other Traits:


Snake Husbandry: This is Spider Husbandry except for snakes. Generally requires the ability to speak to snakes.