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Dystopianizing Cyberpunk

When you're making your Cyberpunk games - take a queue from how the Internet of Things and realize this bullshit will get worse. Make sure that the party's gear helps them as much as possible. I also recommend that you think about big data, and how it might work in the future.

As I am running Shadowrun, I recommend giving people a 10% discount on stuff, if they buy it off the shelf. Then, make them make hardware/software/cracking tests to clean it off.

Then, make sure the gear helps them out, "Readjusting route to be closer to Lone Star patrols!", "Low fuel, broadcasting location to Drone Fuels for additional fuel", "You've been in the Cardio Zone for 2 hours! Congradulations! Tweeting: FITNESS GOAL! 2 Hours Cardio! #Ftness #Cardio #FitnessSelfie". "I am afraid these bullets are no longer supported, please load new bullets". "Your cybereyes have been adjusted to see Officer Friendly to protect the identity of the officer".

Make sure that their commlink has more friendly things, make sure it tracks their movements. Make sure it takes selfies - remember this isn't the internet of things, this is the internet of bodies. The internet of bodies contains people's bodies. People in the network can see each other, they are in the network, and so the network will always try to help them. And the corporations who own them.