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Social Consequences in Fate

I was thinking about FATE the other day and I came upon a realization. Burning Wheel and other games have a mechanic for arguments to be won, while the loser can still gain some of what they want. FATE however, has this system of conflict with people arguing, and small moral victories being won (giving consequences like Angry, Blinded by Hatred, In Love) all happening. But this could be expanded farther very easily.

What if Consequences could be dealt as comprimises? Each consequence being a single Aspect that can be compeleted to get a single piece of your argument. So, you get a consequence like, say, Owing a Favour. Or Agreeing to Pay. The problem here is that, these aspects assume you have lost, which is often wrong. Which means you need to set the actual consequences after the fight. Meaning, they exist to be compelled after the fact, and not during the fight. I wonder how this changes the actual dynamics of FATE social conflict? The more the consequences are social than emotional, the more intense the conflict feels. Blinded By Anger seems like the equivalent of "Blooded by Blood in the Eyes" rather than "Missing Leg". "Missing Leg" is the kind of conseqence that will matter for a while, much like "Owes Jabba for dumping his cargo" will affect you for a while.

I kind of innately assume that everyone has figured this out already, but I like the concept.