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Burning Shadows Spells

Power Spells

Power Ball: Ob 4^, 2 actions

Power Bolt: Ob 3^, 1 actions

You explode an area or target with a spell made of pure magical power, hoping to simply destroy them. This is a Weapon with a range of Missile. Use Will-1 to determine IMS with an Add of 2, VA 1, Range and Cover: Extreme 3D, Optimal 3D. Instead of adding to damage, extra successes may be spent to raise the VA of the spell.

Healing Ob 8-Essence^ 4 Actions

You place your hands on the target, and infuse them with magic. You increase the target's health by +1D, plus your margin of success. This spell lasts several hours, possibly allowing several health tests.

Recover Ob 7-Essence 2 Actions

You place your hand on the target and force the target to recover. Pick one of the target's wounds, and the target immediately makes a Health test. You may only cast this spell on a wound once.

Staunch Ob As Wound 2 Actions

This spell allows you to use your Sorcerery skill as Surgury in order to stop the bleeding of a wound. Select a wound when you cast this spell, and attempt to cure the wound. You may only cast this spell on a wound once.

Infusion of Stats Ob Stat+1^ 4 Actions

This spell is actually a family of spells, one for each of the six stats. By casting this spell on a target - they add your margin of success to the stat for as long as you sustain it.