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SINer (Dt) 3pts

This trait gives the character a SIN at B3. This means that they are a person in the eyes of the law. Most of the time anyone who was born normally will have this.

Fake SINer (Dt) 5pts

The character hsa managed to get a SIN not belonging to themselves. They start play with a B5 Fake SIN.

Uneducated (Dt, Char) 2pts

This trait raises your Aptitude by one for raising Academic skills.

Uncouth (Dt, Char) 2pts

This trait raises your Aptitude by one for raising Social skills.

Trust Fund (Dt) 2pts

Rich Kids always have things break their way in life, gives the character +1D to their lifestyle for free!

Flashbacks (Dt) 2pts

The character has seen a few things, and they all come back to haunt him from time to time. Add the Hesitation option "Thousand Yard Stare" and decrease Hesitation by 1.

Erased (Dt) 6pts

The character has been Erased. They remove all SINer qualities they have, and any trait that would increase their SIN.

Mentor Spirit (Dt) 6pts

The character has a Mentor Spirit who aids them and acts as a protector. The Mentor Spirit grants them a 1D affiliation with the spirit world, plus each mentor spirit gives the character an instinct based on their mentor, as well as getting a +1d based on the mentor.


Instinct: Fight to the death to protect those in your care

Bonus: +1d to all tests involving healing

Dragon Slayer

Instinct: Never back down

Bonus: +1d to all tests involving combat magic


Instinct: Always play with your opponent

Bonus: +1d to Stealth


Instinct: Loyalty before all else

Bonus: +1d to Tracking


Instinct: Protect nature at all costs

Bonus: +1d to Observation

Watched (Dt) 1pt

The mage has been watched almost constantly since school. There is a special flag on their SINs noting their Awakened Nature - this always counts as having Licensed goods when using their original SIN.

Graduate (Dt) 4pts

The Graduate has received a graduate degree from a major univeristy. They get a +1D Affiliation with a professional academic institution.

PhD (Dt) 4pts

The PhD student has successfully gotten themselves a PhD they may now claim that as a credential and will be recognized by people within the literature of their organization. They get a 1D Reputation in their field as an expert.

Cranial Bomb (Dt) 3pts

The character has managed to get a Cranial Bomb installed. You get a free relationship (Hateful most likely - and they are likely Significant) with that person - and they can, at will, deal you a Mortal Wound (at whatever your mortal wound is at, armour doesn't affect this). Stay on their good side.

Rank (Dt) Lifepath

You have a rank inside a military. You're not just an NCO - but an actual officer with actual rank. This grants you a 1D affiliation with your old army unit. But it also means that you have at least a weak SIN.

Secret Society (Dt) 4pts

Your character has joined a secret society. One of the many scattered throughout the Sixth World. Likely it's something like the Shasta Shamans, the Aleph Society, or the Children of the Dragon. This gives you a +1D affiliation with such a group. This is likely the best way to get a Trainer for Initiation, or a Technomancer for backup.

Matrix Jockey (Char) 1pt

Code Slinger (Dt) 4pt

The character gets +1D to a single Matrix action (of their choice, chosen when they take this trait).

Burnout (Dt) 3pts

The character has been burned by drugs, dumpshock, or chips. There is a Matrix action where they get a +1 Ob.

Overwatch (Char)

Adrenaline Boost (Dt) 4pts

You are tuned to the streets, and quite probably more than a little supernatural, metahuman, or augmented. You can, once per session, roll an Avoid as well as the action that was scripted (remember that Avoid affects all actions in a volley).

Gremlins (Dt) 2pts

This character is beset by danger and disaster when using complex technical devices. Whenever the character makes a roll using a device, then one bad thing happens for every 1 they roll. Generally this is things like doing a small amount of damage to the deck as sparks fiy, dropping the clip from a smartgun, or making an alarm ring unexpectedly.

Default (Dt) Human only

This person is the default. People assume they are in the right place, and at the right time. Reduce the Ob for all SIN tests by the by one.

Goblinized (Dt) Ork or Troll Only

This person is of the larger, and more menacing races. Therefore people assume they are in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Increase the Ob for all SIN test by one.

GED (Dt) 2pts

You went to school later in light in order to open opprotunities. This trait counts as a school lifepath during character Burning.

Shoot Straight (C/O) 2pts

This is a call on for any one gun skill, chosen at the time it is gained.

Conserve Ammo (Dt) 2pts

Add +1D to all Ammo checks. This character may shoot, but has learned how to stretch their ammo further, making their point with fewer bullets.

Never Make A Deal With a Dragon (C/O) 2pts

You have learned to make deals when sweating, and to not commit to the wrong thing. This is a call on for any Social skill, as long as the character is in a position of weakness.


Shadowrun doesn't use Stocks like base Burning Wheel, instead each of the Metatypes are effectively cultures from Burning Wheel, rather than completely different stocks. Players should choose a metatype at character creation, and simply get those traits.


Elves are long lived, enduring, and have very good eyes. Therefore, playing an elf grants the traits Vigor of Youth, Keen Sight, and Graceful.


Trolls are giant, living weapons, and don't fit it. Therefore, playing a troll grants the traits Massive Stature, Troll Skin (use the armour numbers from the Codex anyway), and Gobolonized


Humans are default, and, while they have less mana to make them work, they always seem to have an edge and get lucky. Playing a human grants the traits Default, Lucky, and Plain Faced.


Orks only advantage is that they fit in better than Trolls. They are large, tusked, and often hard to fit in. Playing an ork grants the traits Gobolonized, Tusks (as per the Codex), and Tough.


Dwarves are small, strong willed, and stubborn. They have a reputation for being able to fix things, but mostly doing it by being stubborn. Playing a dwarf grants Lesser Muse, Stubborn, and Tough.


Automatics Pistols Longarms Martial Agi

Each of these is a separate guns skill, used primarily in the combat systems.

Industrial Mechanic Craftsman Per

This is the primary skill used for building things. Mostly, for buildings, and other things.


Tools: Yes

Negotiation Social Will

Negotiation is the skill of getting the deal. It's different than haggling in that it's over work. The art of negotiation is all about making sure you're going to get the best deal you can. This is usually an opposed test against Mr Johnson, and rarely rolled against a static obstacle.

Fashion Sense Social Per/Will

Fashion Sense is the skill of having impeccible fashion sense. This cannot ever be underestimated, because it's this that makes the character be able enter the latest nightclub, have Mr. Johnson take them seriously, or make sure they don't look out of place walking through downtown or the barrens. The most common use of this skill is using Linked Tests for Negotiation, Etiquette, or Stealth.


Tools: Yes

Hacking Academic Per

The primary use of this skill is adding additional MARKs to a device. Matrix Authorization Recognition Keys are needed for several different actions using the Computer skill. Hacking is also used as part of the Hacking additions to the Fight subsystem.


-MARK host: Host Rating

-Enter MARKed host: Host Rating - MARKs

-MARK object: Object Rating or Firewall of attached device

Tools: Yes (Cyberdeck)

Computer Academic Per

The primary skill for most things to do with a computer. This skill is basically used for all of the day to day tasks of being a part of the wireless world.


Tools: Yes (Commlink)

Software Craftsman Per

Software is used to make Programs. The most common use of Software is to make Agents. An Agent is basically the same as a Fund. You create an Agent by setting your Obstacle, and rolling against its difficulty, if you succeed, you create an Agent. Agents then can roll their own checks on the behalf of their own, or add +1D to checks their owners make. If the Agent fails a roll, they are degraded by their margain of fairule.


Empathy Social Per/Will

This skill is the skill of reading someone's emotions. It is generally used to get a sense if someone is nervous, excited, happy, or sad. It is often used to FoRK into social tests, but also is useful for figuring out of that hostage really was a hostage.


Reading Someone Who isn't hiding it: Ob 1/2 Will

Engaging a skilled con artist: Roll vs Falsehood or Con

Con Social Will

This is the longform version of Falsehood. Where falsehood is about telling someone a lie, this skill is about building a reality for someone, and then using that to control them.

This skill is rolled against the Will of the target, or as part of a versus test only.

Insight Social Per

This is the social version of Observation. This is for reading a room, telling what the sense of it, getting a sense for how the people in it are feeling, and learning people's intentions. This isn't really designed to notice the person's specifics actions or belongings, but it is more about how they hold themselves, the volume, and so on.


Hardware Craftsman Per/Agi

Repair Craftsman Per/Agi

Electronic Warfare Academic Per

Cybercombat Academic Per/Will

Chemistry Academic Per

Mathematics Academic Per

Motorcycle Physical Spd/Agi

Mechanic Artisan Per/Agi

Gunnery Martial Per/Agi

Car Physical Spd/Agi

Aircraft Physical Spd/Agi

Boat Physical Spd/Per

Walker Physical Spd/Agi

Cybertechnology Artisan Per

Psychology Academic Per/Will

Sociology Academic Per

Anthropology Academic Per

Criminology Academic Per

Politics Academic Per

Profiling Academic Per

Archaeology Academic Per

There are several skills that were renamed

Field Dressing -> First Aid Spirit Binding -> Summoning Circination -> Binding

The SINer Attribute:

The SINer attribute starts a B0 for all characters. Raise this to B3 for the SINer trait, and add +1 for each of: In the System, Records on File, Corporate Member, Marked by a Corporation, In The System, Rank, Criminal, If it ever hits B10 the character has been tracked, and they need a new identity - or to go dark. Typically this means that the character will need to leave the city - and become a Relationship for the rest of the characters (give advice, and so on).

A character can purchase a SIN using resources. The Resources value is the rating of the SIN x5 (so a B3 SIN is 15 Resource Points). Fake SINs cannot advance.

Whenever a character comes into contact with the Authorities - they can force a SIN test, difficulty depends on the group that is testing them:

Ob1: Buying some NERPS at the Stuffer Shack

Ob2: Getting past the bouncer at some drekky club downtown, going for a walk through the streets

Ob3: A routine police stop

Ob4: Getting into the latest Nova Hot club

Ob5: Buying or selling weapons (legally)

Ob6: A high security corporate area

+1 Ob - Suspicious behaviour

+1 Ob - Gear that requires a license

+1 Ob - Unusual time of day

+2 Ob - Gear that is forbidden, even with a license

If it's an important moment - have the Authority (Mr Johnson, Knight Errant, or the angry clerk at the Soybucks) roll their Computers skill against the runner's SIN.

Just because a player fails a SIN test, don't immediately send in cops, just make their life more complicated. If a SIN ever fails a roll, make sure to do the roll with at least one other SIN (see if they can be linked). Also, make sure that regular people coming into contact with polite society is harrowing for them. Runners are outcasts and criminals, interacting with the civilized should get them regularely arrested.

As a SIN increases in value, it means that the runner is getting better at using that SIN to hide from the law. However, eventually their ability to do that runs out and they need to get out of dodge.

SINless in Seattle

If the character has a B0 SIN they cannot roll SIN tests. This means they automatically fail them. Failing a SIN test should mostly mean that the person's SIN comes up as wanted/comes up as having no job and therefore no credit, or in the case of a fake SIN, registers them as using a false identity. For the average SINed Shadowrunner this means that the biggest problem they will have is that this identity is tied to a fake SIN. For the SINless, this means that they will be ejected from the area.

If a character has B0 SIN and chooses to go without a SIN, and refuses to use theirs, then a consequence of failure of any role while in polite company can be gaining a B3 criminal SIN, this is a process that is not usually done politely.


The Gift is slightly different in Shadowrun than in raw Burning Wheel. A Gifted or Adept character starts with a Magic Rating of B3 automatically. A character cannot get more successes on a test for using a magical skill than their magic rating. Sorcerers continue to suffer from The Sickness, which is resisted with their Magic Rating. They also spend their Magic Rating to sustain spells, which limits their maximum spell successes.

Their Magic Rating is Increased based on the following questions:

Add a +1D to your magic rating for each Yes.

All characters, whether magical or not have an Essence rating which also begins at 6. A character's Essence rating can be brought down by the use of Cyberwear. If the character's Essence rating ever drops a full point, their Magic Rating also drops a point. This means that most Gifted or Adept characters will rarely ever have any Cyberwear.

Characters with a Magic Rating can Initiate. Everyone with a magic rating has an Initiation score, they start untrained. It has an aptitude as if it was rooted out of their Perception. When it opens however, it always opens at B1. A character cannot raise their Initiation by rolling it, instead, they MUST be instructed in Initiation in order to raise this stat. Their maximum Magic Rating is equal to their Essence + Intitation - once their Initiation has gone up, they can raise their magic rating. Their magic rating can have tests marked against it, but it can't mark the final test to be raised until their Initiation has gone up. Training in initiation costs 1 RP per routine test, 2 RP per difficult test, and 3 RP per challenging test.

Gifted characters can be Adepts, but they cannot be Technomancers.

In Shadowrun Gifted may use Alchemy, Summoning, or Sorcery, as per the Burning Wheel or the Codex. For Summoning, instead of the normal retribution, Awakened are Taxed at the Strength of the Spirit summoned (meaning they lose the spirit's Strength in Forte, resisted by Magic Rating).


Technomancers are exactly like the Gifted - using Compiling/Decompiling instead of Spirit Binding, and Software like Sorcerery. Where the Gifted use Magic Rating, Technomancers use Ressonance. Where the Gifted use Initiation, Technomancers use Submergence.

Technomancers determine their starting Ressonance, with B3 and the following questions:


An Adept is a form of being Gifted, except the character is the peak of human achievement, rather than a sorcerer. An Adept can also be Gifted, but they cannot be a Technomancer. Adepts Initiate in the same way the Gifted do - and the Initiation and Magic Rating are shared between the two mechanics.

An Adept gets a number of points equal to their Magic Rating. They can spend these points for the following (one point each, and they can all be purchased more than once):

1) Pick a Craftsman, Martial, Military, Musical, Physical, or Social skill. You may FoRK your Magic Rating into that skill. You may also spend a Fate point to roll your Magic Rating and add a number of points to that skill equal to the successes (though can no longer FoRK Magic). (Flash Iron is trying to disguise himself to go to the meet with Mr Johnson. He has the Disguise skill at B5 and a Magic ratiing of B6, and decides to spend a Fate point to get more. He rolls his B6 magic and gets 3 success. He now has B8 Disguise, far better for making sure Mr Johnson doesn't find anything out).

2) You may pick three Craftsman, Martial, Military, Musical, Physical, or Social skills. These skills are now natural magic and are open ended.

3) You may add +2D armour. It pays to not get shot. If you are not wearing armour, the armour is the same shade as your Magic Rating.

4) You may increase your Reflexes. Before each volley roll 1D (same shade as Magic Rating) and add the successes to your Reflexes for that volley. You may not take this more than three times - for a total of 3D.

5) You gain the Second Sight trait and your hands count as a Spirit Weapon.


Unlike in generic Burning Wheel - characters always use their Resources points to make important purchases. There is no Resources score since tracking fiddly point numbers is an important theme of Shadowrun. Characters however, must still use Haggling, Investiation, Negotiation, or any other skill to find the things they are looking for. All items will have a cast. The GM should set a maximum cost for purchasing at character creation.

Players can pick up additional resource points during sessions, typically from selling things (for 50%+10% of their resource value per hit on a Negotiation test, round down to the nearest point), day to day purchases however should be handled by Lifestyles.

Lifestyles cost 10rp for 1D, 25 rp for 2D and 50 rp for 3D , and are almost always Black shade. An incidental expense of food, lodging, going into a club, or a shovel to dig a shallow grave, are all Lifestyle expenses. The GM should set an Obstacle then the player roll, athough for a lot of minor expenses sthe GM should just say yes. You must purchase your Lifestyle every month.

Kick them while they're down

If a character doesn't have a lifestyle for some reason, make sure to charge them 1rp for anything they do that might cost them nuyen. This means even buying a beer for their friends, which might normally be a lifestyle roll the GM would simply say yes to, costs 1rp. Having savings pays off. In general, for someone without a lifestyle, a night in a shitty hotel would cost 1rp.


Clothes: 1

Finery: 5

Toolkit: 8

B&E Tools: 4

Tools of the Trade: 1

Armour: 2/point (Maximum 10)

Helmet: 1/point (Maximum 5)

Specialized Armour: 1/point (Specialized Armour must be part of a different armoured suit, and the total specialized value cannot be higher than the regular armour value)

Commlink: Base 5RP plus 1RP/2 Firewall (Max 5), 2RP/Data Processing (Max 9) (Commlinks start with 1 Firewall and 1 Data Processing)

RCC: 1RP/Drones available (Must be part of a commlink)

Cyberdeck: 2RP/Attack (Max 5), 2RP/Sleaze (Max 5) (Must be part of a commlink)

Poor Quality Weapons: 3 (Clubs, Chains, Crappy Guns)

Standard Quality Weapons: 8 (Sword, Ares Predator)

Superior Quality Weapons: 20 (Katana, Monofilament Whip, Savellite Guardian)

Eyewear/Earware: 1 RP

Boosted: 5RP

Smartlink: 5RP

Thermovision: 1 RP

Sound Dampening: 1 RP/1D

Cybered Attributes: 0RP

Perception: 10RP

Will: 10RP

Power: 6RP

Forte: 8RP

Speed: 6RP

Agility: 10RP

Skillwires: 4RP/maximum die

Chipped skills: 4RP/die (Physical, Musical, Forester, Craftman skills)

Chipped skills: 6RP/die (Martial, Medicine, Social, Academic skills)

Wired Reflexes: 20 RP/die (as per Adept reflexes)

Speedload Clip: 1

Ammo - per pack: 1

- Stick n Shock Ammo - per pack: 1

- APDS Ammo - per pack: 2

Programs: Obstacle to write times two

Tools of the Trade: White noise generator, badass sunglasses, parabolic microphone, subvoc mic, a flashlight, and all the other tools a good runner always has.

Finery: comes in two flavours. Club wear full of urban flash and glitz. It's real flashy, but you can't wear it every day without looking ostentaious or foolish. The other form is that of a suit or nice dress, the kind of thing that you can wear around town.

Armour: Make sure to define what it is - but trying to define every possible cool suit makes no sense. And feel free to attach armour points to your Finery. An example armour might be a Troll who is about to go into arctic conditions. He's also concerned that there's a toxic shaman in the area. Therefore he builds himself a suit of armour for this. Firstly, he buys B10 armor for the basic armor, decribing it as a suit of riot armor that has been upgraded with metal shanks over the joints, and kevlar patches everywhere. Then he adds a bunch of rubberized insulation, to keep warm, adding B4 thermal insulation. Then he treats it with a non-reactive coating, giving it B5 against acid. Now if he gets hit by a toxic wave he has B15 armor, and B4 armour to resist the cold of the arctic. If he later gets hit by a spell which hits him with a spear made of ice, he'll have B14 armour. This ensamble costs him 20RP for the base, 5 for the acid armour, and 4 RP for the cold, for a total of 29 RP.

By default, armour dice cover the arms, legs, and torso. For half price you can get armour that will cover the torso and either arms or legs (typically a long coat, or armoured vest and pants). Armour above B7 requires Armour Training, much like Light Mail in Burning Wheel.

Helmets: Obvious and bulky, double price for one that can be hidden, or is high fashion.

Clothes: Definitely not from a vending machine this time.

Ammo: A bunch of bullets. Stick n shock doesn't cause wounds, but instead adds a penalty equal to the wound it would have done. Wounds from stick n shock recover at 1D per 15 minutes. It also adds 2 armour piercing. APDS ammo adds 2 armour piercing.

Speedload Clip: Reduces Reload action to one action in Fight! (same as practiced percision).

Eye or Earware: Goggles, glasses, monocles, headphones, and helmets all have a lot of equipment in them. By default, these can allow recording of audio or visual scenes, and allow access to play scenes privately.

They can both be Boosted (allowing 1 advantage die) for an additional cost. Smartlinks can only be added to eyewear, allowing +1D to all firearms related attacks, thermovision may be added to eyewear allowing the user to ignore Darkness penalties, and sound dampening gives armour against sound-based attacks (such as Barghests).


Cyberwear can be added to many kinds of item, though it's mostly added to guns, commlinks, armour, and so on. Cyberwear has a cost of 3 RP base, plus the cost of the item, -1 for every -0.1 that the person whom the cyberwear installed into loses. Every piece of cyberwear must have an essence cost (yes, it's possible to make an item cheaper than the non-cyberwear version by taking a large essence hit, be wary).

Time to Buy Things

Purchasing things is not simple in the Sixth World. Most items take one day for every four RP to get illegally. They take one hour per 4 RP to get legally. Getting items legally means they need to be stripped or otherwise hacked in order to work for their intended owner, and not a megacorporation.

Purchasing something illegally can be sped up. Every hit on a Negotiation test cuts the speed of getting the item in half. So if your are trying to buy a 24 RP commlink on the black market, it would take 6 days to get to you. Two hits on a negotiation test would cut that down to only 1.5 days.

Device Ratings

All devices have a Device Rating. Devices that are poor quality (crappy maglock, refurbished pistols, low end drones) have a Device Rating of 4, normal qualty items have a Device Rating of 6, and high end items have a Device Rating of 8, rare corporate technology might have a Device Rating of 9 or even 10, and some very ramshackle devices might go as low a 1-3. Generally, device rating is based on the cost of the item. For the most part, Device Rating only matters if the item is being hacked.


Wounds and Injury look the same as in standard Burning Wheel. However - armour is both more and less effective. Armour dice are rolled as normal - but a weapon's VA no longer increases the number of successes required to deflect the hit. Instead, the VA of the armour reduces the number of dice rolled by a particular piece of armour. Successes on the armour roll reduce the damage of the hit by 1 pip per success on the armour roll.

For example - Dillenger is wearing an armoured jacket (B8) and is a PhyAd with the +2D armour perk - for a total of B10 armour. However, he made the terrible choice of deciding to fight a Troll with a sword. The Troll has B6 in Sword and a Power of B8. The sword is a mere ceramic job designed to hurt like hell and then break after a few hits, It adds +2 Pow, has an Add of 2 and a 0 VA. Dirk scripts an Avoid at the beginning of the volley using his Reflexes, and gets 2 hits on his B5 Speed. The Troll rolls well and gets 4 hits on his sword. With two additional successes - he ends up with a Mark hit. That's a B10 wound! Dillenger gets 4 hits on his Armour test - ending up with only a B6 wound. He's not happy about it, but he's going to live to fight another day.


Pistols and Automatics

All guns in Fight count as Missile weapons for Weapon Length. However, automatics confer no disadvantage between long and missile ranges. Similarly, pistols never confer disadvantage for engagement distance, even while locked.

Poor Quality:

Lead Pipe: Pow+2, Add 2, WS 2, WL Long, One Handed

Broken Bottle: Pow+1, Add 2, WS 2, WL Short, One Handed, (Rolling more 1s than hits render this useless)

Big Rock: Pow+1, Add 2, WS 3, WL Short, One Handed

Refurbish Pistol: IMS: B3, B6, B9, Optimal -, Extreme 1D, Range and Cover: As Pistol Add 2 WS 3 WL Missile

Krime Happiness: IMS: B4, B7, B9, Optimal 1D, Extreme -, Range and Cover: As Pistol Add 3 WS 6-Power WL Missle - Cannot only be used to Burst Fire.

Run of the Mill

Ares Predator Fire Wheel (Limited Edition Revolver version): IMS: B4, B8, B10, Optimal 1D, Extreme 2D, Range and Cover: As Pistol Add 2 WS 2 WL Missile

Ruger Superwarhawk: IMS: B5, B9, B13, Optimal 2D, Extreme 1D, Range and Cover: As Pistol Add 2 WS 3 WL Missile

Ares Alpha: IMS: B4, B8, B12, Optimal 2D, Extreme 1D, Range and Cover: As Pistol Add 3 WS 4-Power WL Missile

Ranger Arms SM-3: IMS: B6, B9, B14, Optimal -, Extreme 2D, Range and Cover: As Great Bow VA 1 Add 2 WS 3 WL Missile

Superior Quality

Krime Cannon: IMS B5, B9, B13, Optimal -, Extreme -, Range and Cover: As Pistol, VA 2 Add 2 WS 8-Power WL Missile

Monofilament Knife: Pow+1, VA 1 Add 1, WS X, WL Shortest, One Handed

Monofilment Whip: Pow+2, VA 3 Add 1, WS 1, WL Longest, One Handed (Rolling more 1s than successes causes the whip to roll a B5 weapon attack against the wielder, using the weilder's Power)

Highland Forged Claymore: Pow+4, VA 2 Add 2, WS 3, WL Longer, Two handed


Use the ammo rules from Burning Jihad or Under A Serpent Sun for basic ammo. Don't forget that extra clips have a cost in resource points - if you want to Reload - it's going to cotst.

Some new fight actions:

Reload: 2 actions - tests like Stand And Drool

Full Auto Burst: +2 Ob to Ammo Check, counts as Strike, +1 Ob to defend OR you may split your dice between multiple targets

Hack on the Fly (Sleaze): You count as Hesitating when hacking, typically this rolls Hacking vs the Firewall of the device

Take Stock: You count as Hesitating when hacking, typically you roll Computer against the Ob of the hidden item

Brute Force (Attack): You count as Hesitating when hacking, typically this rolls Hacking vs the Firewall of the device

Hide Item (Sleaze): 2 Actions, You count as Hesitating when hacking, roll Computer vs Data Processing of the device, it takes a Computer test to find the item equal to the margin of success

Dataspike (Attack): You count as Hesitating when hacking, make a Cybercombat roll against the Firewall of the device, you reduce the Device Rating of the device by your margin of success.

Command Spirit: 1 action, when summoned the summoner does not (but may) select the task they want the spirit to do, therefore it takes them a bit to command the spirit in a fight. Tests like casting.

Summon Spirit: 2 actions, as per the Codex's Spirit Binding section

Control Pistol: 1 action, During a lock, while one of the participants has a pistol, then either particiant may script this action to force a Power vs Power check, to make a pistol attack tragetting the chest of the other.

Actions While Hacking

Hackers don't use their native Reflexes while in VR, instead they use the Data Processing of the device they are using.

When hackers roll their skills while hacking, their rolls are Modified by the Attack, Sleaze, or Data Processing of the device. If their skill using the device is over the modifying rating, they lose 1D from their skill check. If their hacking is under the rating of the device, they gain a die to their pool. If it is the same, their skill does not change.

Attacking Devices

Certain attacks will reduce the Device Rating of a device, if a device ever has 0DR, then it wont function for any of its abilities (for example, cybereyes wont see, a gun wont fire), and anyone jacked into it takes a B7 wound to their head as they are dump shocked.


Extending the Ammo rules from the above games, characters must also make Ammo checks at the end of every round of Fight where they position with a gun. The base ammo difficulty is Ob 0.

- +1 Ob if they fired the gun

- +1 Ob if they resist a Beat check to change positioning or make a positioning test at the beginning of the round

- +2 Ob if they use Full Auto Burst

Run and Gun:

Use the Run and Gun and Dogfighting rules from Burning Jihad verbatim - since they are about correct for Shadowrun combat - and about the right level to make Riggers work.

GMC Bulldog:

Type: Van, Groundcraft

Structural Tolerances: Surface: B6 Breach: B8 Destroyed: B10

Integrity: B5 (3 engine points per die)

Control: +0d

Sensorium: B3

Engine Multiplier: 10x (Ram Damage B12)

Profile: B8

Capacity: 1 crew, 6 passengers

Hard Points: none (4 additional available)

Ordanence: none

Armour: B16

Additional Gear

Hard Point: 4 RP - up to the maximum allowed

Sensor Suite: +1d Sensorium, 3RP, 1 hardpoint

Weapon Mount: 4RP, 1 hardpoint, weapon to be mounted

Missile Launcher: 15RP, 1 hardpoint

Ruthenium Polymer Coating: 8RP, -1d Profile

Morphing License Plate: 2RP

Additional Armour: 5RP/point, 1 hardpoint/3 armour

Infected, Gangers, and Paracritters:

Feral Ghoul:

Gang Recruit:

Devil Rat: