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The Dopey Smiles were originally a group of three con artists who managed minor thefts back in the early 2060s. Three barrens rats who attempted to rebuild their lives by doing small scale thefts, breakins, and work for wageslaves with more money that skill. Their leader was a Shaman named Crow Magus, though Marshall Elliot was their de facto face and spokesperson. Hello Jack was always following Marshall once his gang got on the wrong side of the Halloweeners and his boat managed to get on the wrong side of a panther cannon.

Eventually Crow got asked to run an initiatory circle by a group of Salish Shamans, and he decided to retire from his life of crime and move on. Leaving Marshall and Jack to fend for themselves. On their first trip out in 2071 their Johnson, a Tir Tairngere human, asked if they always had such dopey smiles, right in the middle of The Big Rhino. As such, they've been keeping the joke going since.

Since 2074 they've managed to mostly do benevolant runs, trying to make the Barrens a little safer. They ended up extracting Dante from Evo during one of these. And she joined up when she realized she had no where to go. Sally2Far joined up since she was trying to run protection for the Ork Underground, and they had taken a job to recover several of the leaders of the Ork Rights movement.

Hello Jack

Hello Jack would tell you he's called that because he's never on the junk. But no, people mostly wanted to comment on his absolutely rediculous choice of cars. Since his accident while pirating, he's been mostly letting the car do the driving, but isn't completely helpless. He has been trying to make his good name be valuable to trade on, but spends more of his time with a dopey smile, keeping the name alive.

  1. Born SINless
  2. Gutter Punk
  3. Smugger
  4. Foot Soldier
  5. Rider
  6. Pirate

30 years old

Superficial Wound: B3 Li B5 Mi B7 Sev B8 Trau B9 Mortal Wound: B10 Reflexes: B5 Hesitation: 7 Health: B3 Steel: B7 Stride: 6 Essence: 6

Gear: Finery, Jack The Rabbit (Modified Nissan Jackrabbit), Ammo for the Ares Alpha, Refurb Pistol



The Jack Rabbit

Type: Car, Groundcraft

Structural Tolerances: Surface: B4 Breach: B6 Destroyed: B8

Integrity: B5 (3 engine points per die)

Control: +0d

Sensorium: B3

Engine Multiplier: 10x (Ram Damage B9)

Profile: B3 (Ruthenium)

Capacity: 1 crew, 1 passenger

Hard Points: 1 (2 additional available)

Ordanence: Ares Alpha (behind the headlights)

Armour: B10


Sally2Far was always a doctor. She's been trying to make a life for the last decade. Being a barrens rat isn't really a longterm living solution. However, a street doc named Steve McGee let her help out in his clinic for a few years. Of course, she then made the mistake of fixing up a Troll who came through. That troll was a Spike, and the Ancients were after him. She ended up running, and the dealing drugs to survive. She's been cooking drugs to survive, until she hooked up with the Smiles in order to protect the Ork Rights movement.

  1. Born SINless
  2. Street Urchin
  3. Street Doc
  4. Street Doc
  5. Fugitive
  6. Pusher


Superficial Wound: B2 Li B4 Mi B6 Sev B7 Trau B8 Mortal Wound: B9 Reflexes: B4 Health: B5 Steel: B5 Hesitation: 5 Essence: 6 Stride: 7

Gear: Clothes, B&E Tools, Tools of the Trade, First Aid Tools, Surgery Tools, Ares Predator Firewheel, Commlink (3 Firewall, 3 DP), APDS Ammo, Armour Jackbet B4



Marshall Elliot

Elliot was a member of the Smiles from day one. He has been thrill seeking for over a decade. Primarily, he has been trying to get paid and rise above his birth. Of course, since he took up the Synthlink and started trying to become a rock star, Jack thinks he's trying too hard.

Of course, Elliot has been doing his best to make up for the people he hurt, of course, he still would rather thrillseek, so his efforts are mostly over the top Shadowruns.

  1. Born SINless
  2. Hacker
  3. Decker
  4. Fence
  5. Fixer
  6. Performer

38 years old




B8 Armoured Suit (Finery)

Implanted Firewall 5 Attack 5 Sleaze 5 Device Rating 5 Cyberdeck (0.7 Essence Cost)

Ares Predator Fire Wheel

Tools of the Trade


Smartlinked Boosted Eyes (0.3 Essence Cost)

Million Dollar Danté

Milly claims to have a million worth of cyberware in her body. Of course, considering that she was grown in an Evo lab and been upgraded constantly as she aged, it's unlikely her cost could be estimated. She is mostly a brawler, with skin being made of a polymer alloy she seems to grow with her.

She's been trying to put one over any corp she can ever since she got out of her mandatory military service.

  1. Born SINer
  2. Transhuman
  3. Field Medic
  4. Officer
  5. Covert Ops
  6. Spec Ops


Perception 6 Will 4 Power 6 Forte 4 Agility 4 Speed 4

Superficial Wound: B3 Li B5 Mi B7 Sev B9 Trau B10 Mortal Wound: B11 Reflexes: B4 + B2 Health: B6 Hesitation: 6 Essence 2.7 Steel: B8 Stride: 7

Gear: Clothes, Superior Quality Assault Rifle, Ammo, Wired Reflex 2 (2 essence), Smartlink Boosted Eyes (0.3 Essence), +2 Agility/+1 Power (1 Essence), Armour Jacket B5