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Malta was the character I played in the game that some friends locally played of vanilla shadowrun, we still have the wiki if you're interested. I was a big fan of the character,so here's me building him as a test of this system.


SINer Comfortable Records on File Paranoid Connected Corporate Member Bitter Erased


Forte B3 Agi B6 Speed B4 Power B3 Will B7 Per B4

Circles: B4 Reflexes: B4 Health: B6 Steel: Steel B7 Hesitation: B3 Superficial Wound B2 Light B4 Midi B6 Severe B7 Traumatic B9 Mortal Wound B9

Computer B2 Etiquette B4 Negotiation B3 Forgein Languages B2 Seattle-wise B2 Criminology B2 Psychology B2 Profiling B2 Pistols B4 First Aid B3 Criminal-wise B2 Horizon-wise B2 Observation B4 Hardware B2 Electronics B2 Stealthy B2 Inconspicuous B3 Falsehoods B3 Pilot (Groundcraft) B2 Intimidation B3 Tracking B2


Armour Jacket 5D

Cybereyes (Boosted, Thermo) -0.4 essence

Cyberears (Boosted) -0.4 Essence

Crappy Pistol

3 Ammo

Tools of the Trade

Affiliations: 37 Juggernauts 1D


Krash (10 rp) Doyle (10 rp) Jane Watson (5rp) Whiley (5 rp) Gilly (10 rp)