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Sand People, Jawas, Bantha, Young Force Sensitive

Krayt Dragon

Big Ol' Dragon


Heavily Armoured

Stomach Pearls

Physique 5

Fight 4

Notice 3

Athletics 2

Stunts: Heavy Hitter, Tough as Nails, Take the Blow

Physical: OOOO +1 Minor consequence, Armour: 2

Mental: OO

Battle Droid

Unthinking Warrior

Not very smart

Shoot 3

Drive 2

Notice 1 Fight 1

Physical: OO

Mental: N/A

Vujja the Hutt

High Concept: Bog Standard Hutt Gangster

Trouble: The Exchange is closing in

Free Aspect: Cursed Sandy Mudball

Minor Milestone: Convince the Jedi to harm the local Exchange

Significant Milestone: Get off this rock, and return to the glorious swamps of home

Major Milestone: Crush the minions of my father Lilnal and gain control of the family holdings

Contacts: 4

Physique: 3 Will 3

Provoke: 2 Rapport: 2 Resources: 2

Notice: 1 Lore: 1 Burglary: 1 Empathy: 1


Hutt (Vujja gets a +2 Physical stress, but cannot make Athletics rolls)

The Weight of reputation

Specialists (Smugglers, Tatooine)

Resources: 3

Network: 2

Infiltrators: 1

Physical Stress: OOOOOO

Will: OOOO

Sith Trooper

High Concept: Warrior Trying to become important

Trouble: Higher Ups don't care

Free Aspect: Force Sensitive (Lightsaber 1)

Fight: 3

Athletics 2 Notice 2

Physique 1 Will 1 Shoot 1

Blaster Pistol (Weapon: 0), Sith Armour (Armour: 2), Force Pike (Weapon 1)

Kaiya Task

High Concept: Agent of the Sith Empire

Trouble: I think there's an assassin in my ranks

Free Aspect: Fears the Light

Minor Milestone: I will threaten this Hutt slime until he returns me my rightful prize

Significant Milestone: I will slay a Jedi, and earn the right to wield a lightsaber

Major Milestone: I will earn the prestige and power to slay Gondrus Narr, my hated rival

Provoke: 4

Fight: 3 Will: 3

Physique: 2 Decieve: 2 Shoot: 2

Resources: 1 Athletics: 1 Investigate: 1 Stealth: 1

The Force

Alter: 3 Lightsaber: 2 Control: 1


Fear: 3 Morale: 2 Troops: 1


Disciple: Kaiya Task is the disciple of Nejj Tuspin, and is more afraid of her than anyone else - therefore she gets a +2 when resisting fear

Leader: Kayia gets a +1 to Alter and Will when trying to perform Battle Meditation

Trained Against the Force: Kayia can use a vibrosword against a lightsaber as if she had the Lightsaber skill.

Io Talatheen

High Concept: Force Sensitive Refugee

Trouble: Trying to walk the middle

Free Aspect: In debt to Vujja

Milestone : Keep away from both sides


Stealth 3

Burglary 2 Decieve 2

Shoot 1 Will 1 Athletics 1

The Force

Sense 4 Alter 3 Control 2 Resolve 1


High Concept: Desert Scavenger

Aspect: Incomprehensible, Rarely seen

Crafts 3

Stealth 2 Rapport 2

Notice 1 Shoot 1 Will 1


Hard Bargain: Jawas can use Rapport for Provoke (they're not scary - but can drive a hard bargain)

Plenty of Stock: Jawas can use Crafts instead of Resources when trying to get droids and droid parts


Strong Bond: Pick one party member with whom the bond is shared. You can take any number of dark side stress on their behalf. Limit one use per session.

Echani Styles:

Deadly Fist: The Echani training has taught the pupil to strike the right places. Your fists count as Weapon: 1 against enemies whose biology you know (this doesn't work against any droids).

Spinning Strike: You may attack two different enemies at the same time - this is a Spray attack (you may split your total into two attacks, each person defends against one of them).

Trained to the Force: You've learned to kill Jedi or Sith, you may use Fight to defend against Lightsaber attacks

Smuggler Stunts

Markers: You've been owed favours before, and you'll continue to accrue them. Once per session, without a Fate point, you may declare someone owes you a favour - they immediately get the "In Debt" aspect.

Valuable Cargo: You're currently carrying something valuable. At any time, you can choose to pass a Resources check - however you get the "In Debt" aspect (with one free tag for every two points of difficulty).

Secret Hold: Your ship is strewn with cargo containers. Get a +2 to Stealth when trying to hide from someone trying to find someone or something on your ship.


Hutt: A Hutt is large and imposing, but not very agile. They got +2 Physical stress boxes, but cannot make Athletics checks

Toydarians: Toydarians aren't affected by mind control effects. They also hover slightly, so might not be affected by environmental affects that hovering would protect them from.

Astromech Droid: You cannot use Fighting (but can use Shooting), you get a +2 to Burglary and Crafts

Protocol Droid: You cannot use Fighting, Shooting, or Athletics. You get +2 to Rapport, Lore, and Empathy and can speak any language you come across.

Anzati: You may make Mental attacks with Rapport, Decieve, or Provoke (pick one, take this stunt a second time to get the other two), and gain control over a person

Wookie: Wookies are much more easy to enrage than other spieces. Wookies have a condition called "Enraged -2" which they can use to absorb physical stress. When this Condition is checked off, Wookies may also spend Fate Points through this if this rage is relevant. The GM is also encouraged to compel it.


Lightsaber: Base - Weapon: 3 - Can have alternate crystals inserted for alternate powers

Double Bladed Lightsaber: Weapon: 2 - The first time in a round you succeed with style on a hit, you may make a second strike with your off blade

Blaster Pistol: Weapon: 0 Aspect: Easily concealed

DL-44 Blaster: Weapon: 1

Blaster Carbine: Weapon: 1

Blaster Rifle: Weapon 1, Aspect: Distant shot

Sith Armour: Armour: 2, Aspect: Flexible, Cortosis weave

Stormtrooper Armour: Armour: 2

Mandelorian Armour: Armour: 3

Vibrodagger: Weapon: 0

Vibrosword: Weapon: 1

Force Pike: Weapon: 1, Grants the aspect "Stunned" on a successful hit

Bowcaster: Weapon: 3, Requires a difficulty 3 Physique roll, or get a -2 to hit

Thermal Detonator: Weapon: 5, hits two zones

Bounty Hunting

You are a bounty hunter. You make sure that any organization has the ability to enforce the law well beyond their own reach. Not even the Galatic Empire can actually track down a single person in all the galaxy. For that - they need a specialist - a Bounty Hunter. As a specialist in Sentient Location isn't enough for a good bounty hunter though - you also need the ability to pass unseen, and make sure your quarry isn't able to see you coming, and, when that fails - you need to be very good in a fight.

Tracking down a quarry for a Bounty Hunter counts as a Contest. The Bounty Hunter and the quarry will each roll a skill to track the quarry and hide from the Hunter respectively (the quarry uses Drive, Stealth, Resources, Decieve, or Burglary - depending on how they want to escape, whereas the Bounty Hunter is going to use this extra). Depending on how cold the trail is - the bounty hunter might need to score an additional number of Victories on the check.

So - for example - Valyss Rorr is attempting to hide on one of the back waters of Ryloth, dealing with the rains and swamps of that mess of a planet, trying to get away from a bounty by one of the Hutt clans. Tulla Voss however wants to make a few quick credits and then get back to his usual smuggling job. Valyss Rorr is a skilled in Stealth, using her skills to keep to those backwaters - waiting for the heat to die down so she can get offworld. Voss gets the contract quite quickly - but only after the Hutt's pet Rodian got the contract - so it has slightly chilled, so it will take 4 Victories for him to get Rorr.