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After being rocked by the ship battle, the group goes back to Flame Space. While Sutton repairs the ship, Marcus goes back down into the hole in order to check on the machine that he discovered beneath the ice layer below the dirt.

The machine apparently is giving off so much heat that he nearly dies of heat stroke before being brought back to the surface. Upon being brought to the surface, a forest broke through the ice.

The weirdness being only so much, they decide to dig in and build a colony. Considering dropping a meteor on the planet in order to add a new mountain.

Spending some time the group simply does a lot of gold fishing, and fills their first contract with the dwarves, delivering their first shopment of gold, and making a pretty penny.

Spending some time going shopping, Marcus manages to find a potion of Storm Giant's Strength in a market, and buys this.

Asmodeus, while shopping on the Rock of Bral goes to a Wizard's private club for noble Wizards. He meets Thomorn Catslove who offers him access to his library, in exchange for favours.

He also meets an old friend named Theyrin who brings grave political news from home. As a young wizard he already owns a Spelljammer, he is asking to view the colony, and brings news that the King is dead, and his wife has ascended to the throne.