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Session 2

The group had some adventures collecting themselves together. The Thoric Tradesman was brought into port and renamed The Antelope by Sutton after its dedication to quality. Right Left the gnome went into a rougher part of town and found there was an Imperial ship in orbit around Bral and had sent down landing parties. August and Grithendeal ran into the captain of the Man o' War and attempted to befriend the elven captain who had come ashore o sleep. They successfully convinced the elven captain to let them act as bait, pulling in some of the Scro raiders that have been flying around Bral.

August decided they needed to pull in more cash on this voyage, and so decided to attempt to act as a tug for someone in order to be a juicier target, as well as making money. Unfortunately, they discovered a strange group of Gnomes claiming to be from Krynnspace who had "finished their lifequest" to travel to the stars. Unfortunately they had run out of a strange black rock which combusted and powered their strange spitting, spitting, and boiling helm.

Upon bringing the gnomes into the Phlogiston, a group of Scro pirates attacked them in an expanded Hammership designed to move more cargo, but unable to land on water. The battle began raging and the boarding actions were about to start.

The sphere they are headed to is:

Unamed Sphere - Not supporting life

Primary: Small Fire Body

*1 Large Earth body

*2 Small water body

*3 Large fire body with an ice ring

*4 Large water body with earth ring

*5 Large fire body