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Unknown Juna Settlement

Size G fire primary

Several Worlds, travelled between by a ship that looks like The Spelljammer, however, it is ruled over by the Monstrous Races and is being used to harass the locals.

20 of the worlds are artificial.

One is ruled by Lizard Folk who are superstitious and distrust Wizards while protecting the Spirits.

There is 1 Size A ice body.

Lost Juna Outpost

This system is a standard system, with 5 planets.

Planetary motion is counterclockwise.

The primary is a size G, fire body.

Planet 1: size D, spherical fire world

Goodies: earth ring

Planet 2: size E, flat water world

Goodies: earth ring

Planet 3: size E, cubic earth world

Goodies: 4 moons

Moon 1: size A, spherical fire world

Moon 2: size D, spherical earth world

Moon 3: size C, cubic fire world

Moon 4: size A, spherical air world

Planet 4: size H, cluster earth world

Goodies: planet hotter than normal

Planet 5: size F, cubic water world

Goodies: cluster of asteroids


This system is a standard system, with 6 planets. Planetary motion is counterclockwise. The primary is a portal to Outer Plane (Hell).

Planet 1: size D, spherical earth world Goodies: civilization - world empire Visible from space

The Angel Aluria is a Solar who has imbued an empire of Paladins living here. Primary population is Aasimar and humans.

Lord Zanhorn Hawklight is a paladin here

Planet 2: size F, spherical water world Goodies: water/ice ring Misty, disperate - rings of asteroids, core of primary water

Planet 3: size G, spherical fire world Goodies: planet hotter than normal Separates the inner planets from the out - likely set the coal moon on fire

Planet 4: size D, flat air world Goodies: fire ring Ring of air - floating on a great ring of flame

Planet 5: size C, spherical earth world Goodies: 3 moons Moon 1: size A, regular earth world Moon 2: size B, belt air world Moon 3: size A, spherical fire world

The main is inhabited - the balls of air are being fouled by the belching moon made of coal - and then cleansed over time.

A rather powerful Pit Fiend rules here with a series of villages. His main titles is Destroyer of Arthur. He uses the coal moon. The children turn into bears or wolves while they sleep during certain seasons.

Planet 6: size F, spherical earth world Goodies: fire ring A giant diamond, polished to a mirror shine.

The Sphere of Brass aka Treespace

This system is a standard system, with 3 planets.

Planetary motion is clockwise.

The primary is a size G, fire body.

Planet 1: size B, belt water world

Goodies: earth ring

Planet 2: size A, spherical earth world

Goodies: cluster of asteroids & 1 moon

Moon 1: size A, regular fire world

Planet 3: size F, amorphous earth world

Goodies: civilization - world empire

This planet is made of 8 trees which are between 7 and 8 kilometers across and have mingled their roots. The planet is the built up dirt and water and rock around these roots. On each of its continents there is a golden palace surrounded by a city (as well as other cities).


Primary: Small Fire Body

*1 Large Earth body - possibly very hot during the summer. All animals burrow. Below the earth layer is a giant block of ice. A massive golden machine rests within it.

*2 Small water body - made of pure water, with floating islands of ice. Full of golden fish, that, when removed from their sphere, begin to rot.

*3 Large fire body with an ice ring - Giant ball of fire.

*4 Large water body with earth ring - Ball of pure water

*5 Large fire body

Homeworld - Unnamed As of Yet

Primay: Large Fire Body

*1 Size J Spherical Air body - giant, supports no life, used by some to replenish air, has a small trade hub orbiting it that has been growing.

*2 Size G Spherical Earth Body - Homeworld

*3 Size G Spherical Fire Body - 2 Size B earth moons. The Dragon's Eye is a large star not far from Homesphere that is visible in the sky, it is the central eye of the Constellate of Bahaumut.

*4 Size H Cubic Water Body - 1 size A earth moon. This is a block of water which has been sheared from the elemental plane of water. There is a species of merpeople that lives here, it was removed from the plane of water appro ximately 1000 years ago, and has been building ever since.

*5 Size H Spherical Earth Body - ring of earth around it. This body is an unremarkable second planet in the system, it is being colonized by the Fortunate Dawn trading company.

The worlds were formed nearly a million years ago, the mountains, and the untamed woods. In the depths of the earth, the dark places, the edges of the world - the Dragons arose - they were the embodiments of the elements, the dark places. Whereas the elves entered into the woods from the Feywyld. The Elves walked under the sun - dealing in the chaos of the natural world. The Lord Io blessed the deep, and the Gnomes emerged, in order to build the depths into something that could be controlled.

And so, the wars raged

Those who lived in the sun, against those of depths and the elements. The dragons were mightier, and easily slew the elves, forcing them to hide deep in the woods, working to hide from their destroyers. It was there that the elves created their hidden homes. What saved the Elves from their attackers was that the dragons hoarded their gold, and fought amongst themselves - the Dragons never formed a coherent empire to match the Elven Empires.

In order to aid themselves in their wars, the elves began to perform high magics, empowering themselves, and deepening their connections to the feywyld. They built their connections, and empowered their halfling allies - creating the humans in the process. In turn - the Dragons began experimenting on the gnomes - attempting to make larger gnomes, and greater miners - building the Dwarves. As their experiments got stranger - building Ents from the Trees, Orcs from elves who were prisoners of war - and other stranger things.

As the wars got worse - the Elves got more and more desperate. Both Bahaumut and Tiamat, disgusted with working together, left the world behind - leaving Io alone to tame the deep elemental places of this world.

And that, is when an elf whose name has been lost to history - performed the greatest heist of all time, with the aid of a pact with the devils themselves, he blinded Lord Io, and stole one of his eggs Using the power of this egg, he made himself into the first of the Dragonborn, and with that, took a new name to honour his patron, Asmodeous. He used his new nature to begin negotiations with the pieces of the Dragon Empire, and forged an alliance between the two nations - neither side really wanting to rule the world. Since then, the Emperor has always had to be a Dragonborn - but the empire is mostly human/dwarf/gnome/and halfling - the Elves and the Dragons each effectively control the Empire. Since then, the noble houses have been pawns of the two empires - but each side is beginning to become more and more dependent on each other.

Asmodeous went on to become the first of the Dragonborn, and father the first line of Drow. Asmodeus became the first of the nobles as well - and only his family was allowed to be of the nobility. Eventually, it was only half elves, and later only those decended from any elf. Or any dragon. And, so, the nobility, all claims to be decended from some elf. And, at the same time, any time someone new becomes a Dragonborn, the nobility claims them as a lost child, rather than accepting that anyone might become their league. And when a sorcerer bursts forth with Draconic power, no one accepts that it's the blood of the Dragon, rather its just the nature of nobility shining through.