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Crown of Kings

These four crowns of Gerindle, The Felleneth Reaches, Pru-Aug, and Balith, are designed to protect kings from their most common threats. They give the wearer advantage on all saves vs Poison or Mind Control.

The crown of Gerindle bears its signature thrush as the central device, and is made of silver.

The crown of The Fellenth Reaches is unadorned, made of pure mithril, and only has the two gems.

The crown of Pru-Aug is padded, had a cloth base, with a circlet made of gold, and set with several hundred secondary gems.

The crown of Balith is made from iron wood and still growing. It grows leaves during the summer, and sheds its leaves in the autumn. The growing wood will happily grow without food, but any organic matter placed on it overnight will be eaten at a rate of 1 pound per hour.

All the crowns have a single emerald set above the Third Eye Chakra and diamond above the divide in the skull.

Corncob Doll

This is a small doll that is a powerful ally of a wizard, or enemy of the foolish.

Placing a piece of hair, fingernail, or eyelash into the head of the doll makes the doll aware. The doll becomes a proxy for the person whose parts are inside it. This allows a spellcaster to treat the doll as the target of a spell, and have the spell effect the target.

However, if the doll is fed blood, then the doll becomes more truly alive. Feeding the doll 3HP worth of blood causes the doll to speak, the doll has an Arcana skill of +3 and a Religion skill of +4. If the doll is fed 10HP, then it can move on its own. While the doll can locomote it has 10AC, 20HP, Str 8, Dex 10, Con 10, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 14. In order to cause the wake up effects the doll must be fed every day for a week, and it must be fed every day to stay awake.

A user can also permanently reduce their maximum HP by 1 to receive Expertise in a skill for one week. The doll gains that HP as one maximum HP. The doll can reduce its maximum HP by 10 to raise one of its ability scores by 1. It can also reduce its maximum HP by 5 to gain +1 to a single skill.

The Pepper Mill of the Prophet

This pepper mill can be filled with several spices, but is traditionally designed to be used for pepper. When food is flavoured with a spice from this pepper, the eater must make a DC 15 constitution save. If the eater fails the save they spend the next 16 hours in hallucinations, though these hallucinations are half what is happening in the past, and half what is happening in the future. Once the hallucinations are over, the next time the imbiber awakens from a long rest they gain 3 Portent dice (as per the Diviner Class feature).

The hallucinations cause the imbiber to gain disadvantage on all social rolls, miss whenever they roll an even number on an attack die, and are treated as non-proficient with all tools

If the imbiber has existing portent dice, they can be spent to remove the effect for 1 minute

Finger Bone of St Sophia

Taken from the corpse of St Sophia, slayer of the sorcerer-king Baltar Von Nonia, Sophia ascended to goddesshood during Baltar's death curse, which slew her instantly. Her fingerbone still contains a shred of her divine power.

This item allows anyone to prepare a number of cleric spells equal to their wisdom modifier (a cleric gains these as additional prepared spells, and can prepare them even if they are in a place where they cannot prepare spells), and gains two 2nd level spell slots to cast them with (though if they have other spell slots, they may also cast them with those). In order to use these prepared spells, the fingerbone must be used as a divine focus.

Book of Artaz Dur

This book was created by the painter Artaz Dur as a method of trying to create photorealistic paintings. Unfortunately, it had a fatal flaw, when the page containing the painting is destroyed, the item reforms.

An item can be put into the book, causing it to be rendered as a painting. The entire item must be placed in at once, but a pile of something (of any size) can be put into a page. If the page is destroyed, the item is restored.

Due to usage over the years, 120 blank pages remain. There are existing paintings of:

4x6 Carpet of Flying


Scroll of Teth Aram

This scroll is made of parchment, and separated into two dozen spaces, each the size of a single person's palm.

When one of these pieces is eaten (it tastes terrible, it's made of parchment, it tastes terrible), but consuming a single piece makes the user able to see into the Ethereal plane. Burning two squares and breathing in the smoke (Con save DC 15 or take 1d8 fire damage), shunts the breather into the astral plane.

Reading the scroll piece aloud destroys the piece.

17 pieces remain.

Punch Bowl of Amn Natar

This golden punch bowl appears to be a bathtub at first glance, until you find the giant ladle, and that it isn't quite shaped correctly. This punch bowl has two major properties:

Firstly, it causes any beverage placed in it to be safe to drink, removing all poisons and toxins.

Secondly, when a command word is spoken, it adds alcohol to the drink, based on what would make the beverage taste best to the speaker.

This was created by the wizard-king Amn Natar Von Telindale, first lord of Telindale, and founder of the Tellindale Academy of Abjuration.

Tablets of Works and Days

These clay tablets were created in the ancient days of Pru-Aug by the first Druid to change to a cleric of the church of a long-forgotten harvest deity who settled Pru-Aug's oldest forests. When these tablets are brought into a defined legal area no larger than a town, they help everyone in the region follow the laws and their duties. Anyone who accepts a role listed on the tablets receives a +1 to actions done to fill that role, as long as they spend at least 9 months a year in the region, have lived in the region for five years, and each year accept the leader of the region.

The tablets require a leader of the region to be defined, and their role to be defined, if, for some reason, more than half the region does not a agree on who the leader is, everyone who lives in the region has disadvantage on every check, until leadership is restored.

Spillander Herbs

These rare herbs are only grown in the forests of Balith, where they are tended by the elven bards and their druidic brethren. The first major property of the herbs is that they can be chewed, which causes a minor euphoric effect, minor enough to not be debilitating, while also being pleasant. Their second use is that they can be brewed into a tea, which is pleasant to drink, and removes a level of exhaustion when drunk.

Finally, the herbs can be burned, and, if they do, will burn for up to 20 hours, though no one is quite sure why.

There are four pounds of herb, 800 servings of tea or chewing tobacco, or 80 torches.

The Lunar Egg

This egg is incredibly rare, even amongst the spheres. It's highly unlikely that anyone would have one. This egg requires Dragonfire to hatch, but, if it does so, will, over the course of the next 10 years, will grow into a fully grown moon. If grown in the wrong spot, can be very dangerous.

The Drums of Sovereignty

These drums are used in the time of greatest need. If someone has the title Von, and vassals sworn to them, they can play these drums and summon forth 10 people per round. Playing these drums is dangerous, and difficult however. Mostly, playing the drums enervates the user, while playing the drums, the drummer must make a Constitution check (adding their proficiency bonus if they are proficient in drums), if they fail the check, their maximum hitpoints decreases by their margin of failure (this can only be restored by spending HD during a short rest, instead of increasing their current HP, the drained drummer can spend HD to increase their maximum HP). The DC of this check is 10+the number of rounds the drummer has been drumming.

Ophidian Statue

This pure gold statue is of a giant snake-person hybrid. The creature is unlike any of the normal Yuan-Ti or Lizard Folk in form, but instead has the base of a snake, the body of a human, but the head of a snake. This form is of an ancient race of Ophidians who existed in the underworld of Nonia before the colonization of Balith and the surrounding region.

Used to defeat the Elven invaders, this item is conncted to the Far Realm. By dunking the statue in a silver bowl filled with a mixture of snake venom and elven blood, opens a Gate to the Far Realm, from which the closest Far Realm entity will enter this realm. The invoker of the item has control over the entity (as per the Dominate Monster spell) for one day after it emerges.

You may use the blood and venom once, and must get new blood and venom before you can use the statue again. The bowl must be approximately 1 litre, and at least half of the mixture must be blood.