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The Antelope

The Antelope sloop was a sickening sight, HOW I WISH I WAS IN SHERBROOKE NOW!

She'd a list to the port and and her sails in rags

And the cook in scuppers with the staggers and the jags

Built By: Thoric

Used Primarily By: Thoric

Tonnage: 60

Hull Points: 20/20/20 (60)

Crew: 12/30

Maneuverability Class: E (F with Cargo Hold)

Landing Land: No

Landing Water: Yes

Armor Rating: 12

Saves As: Metal

Power Type: Major 30% Minor 70%

(Current helm: Minor)

Ship's Rating: As Helmsman

Standard Armament: 1 Turret mounted, 1 rear firing

Before being captured

(Modified to two Ballista Boxes where the secondary helms typically are)

Cargo Capacity: 30

Keel Length: 120'

Beam Width: 100'

The Thoric are a strange race of humans from a far off sphere known as Astromundi. The Antelope is a rare example of one of them that left the cluster, and a rare example of one of them that isn't in the hands of the Thoric. Since the Tradesmen typically have multiple helms and are typically used to run cargo faster than normal ships, and since they are a rare and powerful example of magic not even the Arcane really understand, they are worth more than any other item short of The Spelljammer itself. However, the Company currently has no idea who this is, and thinks its simply a crappy example of a weird configuration of a ship.

In its earlier life this Tradesman was used to haul cargo for the Thoric. However, this life was cut short when a desperate Illithid raiding party grabbed the ship and brought it into the Phlogiston (something that is nearly impossible to get to from the Astromundi Cluster, hence the rarity). Before they could get the ship back to a friendly sphere, they were attacked by the Imperial Armada, who have an interest in keeping things within the Astromundi Cluster from getting out. The Scro then attacked the weakened Illithid squid ship and stole the Tradesman. Ripping the secondary helms out (thinking they were cargo) the Scro pirates replaced them with ballista instead of the proper alignment. It would definitely take more enchanting to get the Tradesman to full working order - but it's definitely a valuable item if more helms could be uncovered.

The Antelope has been modified from a regular Thoric Tradesman. It has been upgraded with all three Minor Helms, and two additional ballistae on the bottom.