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The Djinn Binder

Your journey through the Astral lead you to a place where there dwely peoples of Smokeless Fire - the Djinni. While they are immensely powerful, they are not that different than humanity. By using fairly traditional bargaining, and some protections from your magical training, you can barter for things as needed. The Djinn is the most versatile of the Mentors, and the one least likely to betray - many missions hope to have a Djinn on board - if only because it allows them to react and change.

Character Creation:

Your Djinn: (pick 2) ( ) Burns with the light of sun ( ) With arms like oak trees ( ) Speaks like an approaching storm


You start with Alligience and two others

Alligience: Gain Freedom ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) Whenever your last box of Freedom is filled - the Djinn is free, and you must rebind. Of course - you might also have to fight an angry Djinn. An additional complication on any mission.

Knowing: You may learn the last events to have occurred in a location. Your Djinn focuses this effort, giving you revelations of the object, person, or place.

Roll +Forensics 10+ You get all the information about something, including any clues related to the thing you've investigated. 7-9: The GM gives you one clue related to the object for free. However - your Djinn demands a price, you get a point of Freedom. 6-: You Djinn demands a point of Freedom, but has conned you. You don't even get a valid clue.